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26 Dec, 2023 19:00

RT’s holiday video pokes fun at ‘Russian meddling’ narratives 

The clip shows the US president dancing to Moscow’s tune
RT’s holiday video pokes fun at ‘Russian meddling’ narratives 

US President Joe Biden is actually a secret Kremlin asset and he’s being teleoperated by lost Soviet technology from an undisclosed location in Siberia – at least, according to a parody video produced by RT and released on Tuesday as part of a holiday tradition.

RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan stars in the two-minute video as the head of “Project Grandpa on a Leash,” which takes the premise of ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy theorists, flips it on its head, and turns it up to eleven for good measure.

What follows is a song-and-dance number instantly recognizable to everyone in Russia, all in good holiday cheer, along with a firmly tongue-in-cheek pledge to “keep interfering” in American politics.

RT has a long history of poking fun at Western narratives about itself and the alleged – but never documented, much less proven – Russian “meddling,” starting with a 2015 viral video “revealing” that Simonyan personally takes orders from a bear and keeps American journalists in a dungeon.