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8 Nov, 2023 22:57

US launches new ‘self-defense’ strike in Syria – Pentagon

The latest bombing run has hit a facility used by “Iran-backed groups,” the US military claims
US launches new ‘self-defense’ strike in Syria – Pentagon

US President Joe Biden has ordered an airstrike against a weapons depot in Syria – allegedly used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and affiliated groups. The illegal attack marks Washington’s latest response to drone and rocket attacks on its bases it unlawfully maintains in the region.

Two US F-15 fighter jets carried out the latest airstrike on Wednesday in eastern Syria, the Pentagon said in a statement. The US had launched strikes in the same region on October 26 against Iranian-backed militant groups that Washington has blamed for attacks on its bases.

Illegal US outposts in Syria and military bases in Iraq have been attacked at least 38 times since October 17, reflecting rising tensions in the region amid the Israel-Hamas war. Tehran has repeatedly warned that various regional forces won't sit idle and and that “new fronts” will be opened, if Washington continues to support Israel in its bombing of Gaza.

At least 45 US troops have been injured in the drone and rocket attacks. An October 18 attack on the Al-Asad Airbase in Iraq led to the death of a US contractor, who reportedly died while sheltering in place.

“The United States is fully prepared to take further necessary measures to protect our people and our facilities,” the Pentagon said. “We urge against any escalation.”

US troops have occupied the oil-rich region of northeastern Syria without any legal justification since 2014, ostensibly to fight Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS) terrorists. The occupation has continued despite the defeat of the terrorist group by Russian, US, Syrian and Iranian forces in the territories ostensibly under the control of Damascus.