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31 Oct, 2023 00:06

ADL drops conservative Jewish activist from ‘list of extremists’

The owner of ‘Libs of TikTok’ had threatened to sue the Anti-Defamation League for defamation
ADL drops conservative Jewish activist from ‘list of extremists’

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has removed Chaya Raichik, a conservative influencer who runs a web of ‘Libs of TikTok’ social media accounts, from its list of extremists. Raichik said the move came in response to weeks of legal threats.

“The ADL finally caved after immense pressure and threats of legal action and REMOVED my name from their Glossary of Extremism!” the activist wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday. 

“Just goes to show that the ADL knows I’m not a violent extremist. The decision to put me on their 'Glossary of Extremism' was all political theater,” Raichik wrote, describing the ADL as “a propaganda tool of the radical Left.”

The “Glossary of Extremism” is one of several blacklists hosted on the ADL’s site. Raichik had previously given the group a deadline of October 31 to remove her name and accompanying profile, arguing that her inclusion in the list alongside “terrorist” groups like Hamas amounted to defamation. 

In an op-ed for Human Events last month, she claimed she was being unfairly targeted for “speaking out against wokeness, far-left indoctrination of children, and the medical mutilation of minors under the guise of gender ideology.”

Raichik’s name appeared in the ADL’s blacklist last September, in response to her viral exposé on Boston Children’s Hospital and other prestigious medical institutions advertising and performing transgender surgeries on minors. 

The ADL’s profile of Raichik accused her of “attempts to generate outrage and stoke anti-LGBTQ+ hostility by reposting selected out-of-context social media content created by LGBTQ+ people and liberals,” claiming the accounts whose content she reposts without comment are “frequent targets of harassment, threats and violence.” 

Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC was reportedly deluged with threats after Raichik posted the audio of a phone call in which hospital staff told her they perform “gender-affirming hysterectomies” on kids aged 16 and younger, according to the Washington Post. The hospital would later deny offering such procedures. 

X owner Elon Musk claimed last month that the ADL was pressuring his platform to shut down Raichik’s accounts and teased a “giant data dump” of internal communications between the advocacy group and X. 

The billionaire had also threatened to sue the ADL, accusing the group of “trying to kill” X by burying it – and by extension Musk himself – in false allegations of anti-Semitism. Companies were being directly pressured by the group to pull their ads from the platform, he said.

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt denied the allegations, even as he admitted to asking corporations to “pause” their ads on X following Musk’s acquisition of the platform last year. Musk and Greenblatt appeared to bury the hatchet earlier this month, when the ADL released a statement suggesting it was “preparing” to return to advertising on X in order to “bring our important message on fighting hate to X and its users.”