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17 Oct, 2023 14:05

Israel asks US for ‘emergency’ $10 billion – NYT

The White House has been working on a package that would combine aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan, the newspaper said
Israel asks US for ‘emergency’ $10 billion – NYT

Israel has requested $10 billion in emergency assistance from the US, the New York Times reported on Monday, citing three unnamed officials. The White House and members of Congress are working on a package that would combine military assistance to Israel with aid to Ukraine and Taiwan, as well as funds to fortify the US-Mexico border, the paper said.

Speaking during a visit to Tel Aviv on Sunday, US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said lawmakers had discussed supplying Israel with new and replacement ammunition, precision-guided bombs and Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) kits, which convert standard munitions into more accurate ones, according to the NYT.

The report did not provide further details on the requested $10 billion combined aid package.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas flared up on October 7, when the Palestinian militant group attacked southern Israel with rockets and sent fighters over the border, killing around 1,400 people.

The Israel Defense Forces responded by dropping thousands of bombs on Gaza and cutting off the enclave's water and electricity supply. Local health authorities say more than 2,800 Palestinians have died in the air raids over the past 10 days.

On Monday, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Washington could afford to support Israel's military needs as well as Ukraine's. She insisted that the financial resources of the US are sufficient to back its allies abroad. However, the official acknowledged concerns over the potential economic impact of a wider conflict in the Middle East.

While top US officials insist that both Israel and Ukraine can be supported, CNN reported last week that the Pentagon had called on defense manufacturers to ramp up production to make up for shortfalls in stockpiles due to arms being transferred to Kiev, in order to ensure it can supply Israel.

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that his country was prepared for a “long war” and would fight until it completely defeats Hamas. He added that Israel is willing to retaliate against the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah if it attempts to interfere in the conflict.