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30 Oct, 2022 20:55

UK immigration facility firebombed (VIDEO)

A man threw three improvised explosive devices at a Dover migrant processing center before reportedly killing himself
UK immigration facility firebombed (VIDEO)

A migrant processing center in the English port city of Dover was targeted with “incendiary devices” on Sunday, Kent police have confirmed.

According to a Reuters photographer who was at the scene, the attacker threw petrol bombs before taking his own life.

“Officers established that two to three incendiary devices had been thrown into a Home Office immigration premises,” Kent police said in an emailed statement to the media.

Police added that “one minor injury has been reported” and “the suspect has been identified and located.”

Kent Fire and Rescue Service in a statement on its website said that the “incident involving fire” took place at 11.24 am.

The emergency services arrived at the scene after the photographer reported that a man had thrown three petrol bombs from a car window, with one of the devices failing to go off. Then, according to the witness, the assailant drove to a nearby gas station, tied an improvised noose around his neck, attached it to a metal pole, and drove off, killing himself.

Some witnesses claimed that while throwing the bombs, the man was laughing.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman on Sunday evening described the incident as “distressing” and said she is “receiving regular updates on the situation.”

“We must now support those officers as they carry out their investigation,” she added.

Illegal immigration has become a divisive issue in the UK in recent years, partly driven by the soaring number of migrant boat crossings via the English Channel. On Saturday, almost 1,000 migrants made the dangerous journey from France to the UK – the largest number since August. 

Since the start of this year, almost 40,000 people have reached UK shores, and the British authorities have processed only 4% of last year’s asylum applications. Meanwhile, asylum seekers’ hotels cost the British taxpayers, who are now struggling with the skyrocketing energy and food prices, £5.6 million per day, and the Home Office predicts the cost will rise further.