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5 Sep, 2022 18:12

UK Home Secretary resigns

Priti Patel was expected to be on the chopping block as incoming PM Liz Truss is due to appoint a new cabinet on Tuesday
UK Home Secretary resigns

Priti Patel resigned as UK home secretary on Monday following the announcement that Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has been chosen to lead the Conservative Party and will become the new prime minister.

In her resignation letter to caretaker PM Boris Johnson, Patel said it had been “a great honour and privilege” to serve the country and defended her record as home secretary.

Patel failed to back Truss during the Tory leadership contest with former finance minister Rishi Sunak, but had indicated that she would like to stay in her role under the next leader. By remaining neutral, Patel was reportedly hoping that whoever came out on top would keep her in her cabinet position.

However, reports last week suggested Patel would be among those getting the axe if Truss became prime minister. Truss is expected to announce a major cabinet reshuffle on Tuesday.

Patel drew the ire of the left in Britain over tough immigration policies during her tenure, but has also been accused of overseeing a spike in knife and gun crime domestically.

In her resignation later, she accused her political opponents of standing up “for the criminals, terrorists and people smugglers” as well as “those with no right to be in the UK.”

“We have never faltered and never stopped doing what is right to protect the public,” she wrote.

She congratulated Truss on being elected the new Conservative leader and said she would support her as prime minister, confirming, however, that she will continue to champion her causes “from the backbenches.”

Patel is widely expected to be replaced by Attorney General Suella Braverman.