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25 Jul, 2022 04:49

Deadly gunfire rips through park in Los Angeles

Two people were killed and five others injured while an informal car show was taking place
Deadly gunfire rips through park in Los Angeles

A mass shooting left two people dead and at least five wounded in Los Angeles’ San Pedro neighborhood, while an informal car show attended by hundreds of people was taking place on Sunday afternoon.

Dozens of armed police officers responded to reports of gunfire at Peck Park around 3:50pm. According to the LA Police Department, it was not considered an ‘active shooter’ situation, but police had no suspects in custody as of 9pm on Sunday evening.

“We don’t know how many shooters we have at this point,” LAPD’s Capt. Kelly Muniz said, adding that investigators believe the shooting was sparked by a “dispute” between two parties. Several weapons were found at the scene.

Videos from the area show a massive police presence, as well as firefighters and paramedics carrying people away on stretchers. Some particularly disturbing clips circulating online showed a bloodied individual lying on the ground, motionless.

A total of seven people were rushed to a local hospital with gunshot wounds, four men and three women. Two of the victims succumbed to their injuries and is in a critical condition.

Authorities said there were about 500 people at the park when the shooting happened, many of whom were attending a car show. However, police could not immediately confirm whether the incident was related to the event. A fire department spokesman said it was not an officially organized event, but rather an improvised gathering of car owners to show off their rides.