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20 Jul, 2022 14:15

Putin to head all-Russian children and youth movement

The new initiative is intended to ensure the development and upbringing of children in a safe environment, detached from social media
Putin to head all-Russian children and youth movement

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he would head the supervisory board of a new national children and youth movement. The president made the announcement while speaking with the participants of the all-Russian competition “Big Break.” 

One of the participants of the competition, Anastasia from St. Petersburg, said Putin should become the head of the council of observers for the new children and youth movement, which the Russian president signed into law earlier this month.

“Okay, I agree, Nastya. It’s impossible to refuse after such a presentation,” the Russian leader said, adding that although children perhaps know less than adults, they feel things much more acutely and are more sincere. He noted that communication between children and adults was beneficial for both sides.

“I gladly accept your offer. I hope that this communication between us and the movement will benefit both me and my colleagues, who in one way or another will be involved in the activities of this movement and with all of its participants as well,” the president said.

The all-Russian youth and children’s movement is intended to be a massive non-profit self-governing organization. The goal of the movement is to prepare children for a full life in society by shaping their worldview on traditional Russian values and developing their creativity as well as love and respect for their country.

Olga Kazakova, an MP and one of the founders of the initiative, said the movement would help children form real bonds and become part of a collective. 

“In a team, there are many different forms of communication that a child will encounter in adulthood. It is here that the child can get the first communication skills and understand how to get out of a conflict, how to care, how to empathize.”

She also said the movement could guard children from the negative effects of social media, which have detached them from the real world.

“Parents no longer understand their children, and most importantly, where the risk zones are hidden for them. Children have begun to leave parental and pedagogical attention. It is clear that the situation needs to change. Otherwise, children will lose protection,” she said.

The movement will consist of young students, who will be the participants of the movement, while adults – including parents – will be their mentors. It is also specified that foreign agents or people cooperating with them will not be allowed to be mentors in the movement.