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16 May, 2022 16:54

Hungary accuses EU of abusing its power

PM Viktor Orban pledged to steer his country away from the “suicidal waves” of the West
Hungary accuses EU of abusing its power

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban in a speech to lawmakers has accused Brussels of power abuse and has also pledged to resist the EU’s agenda of “gender madness and a liberal Europe.”

On Monday, Orban took his oath of office after being elected in April for a fourth consecutive term. In his usual manner, the premier did not spare harsh statements when addressing parliament.

“Brussels is abusing its power every day, and it wants to force on us things we don’t want,” the prime minister said.

In Orban’s opinion, the EU leadership is seeking to reduce the sovereignty of member states and to build “the United States of Europe.”

Cultural alienation is growing between western and eastern Europe,” Orban claimed.

However, he argued that it’s in Hungary’s interests to remain in the European Union, as long as it can remain “an independent and free country.

We are not members of the European Union because it is as it is, but as it could be,” he explained.

Predicting that the current decade would be an “age of danger,” full of insecurity, with wars, epidemics and increased immigration potentially laying ahead, Orban pledged to resist any attempts by the West to engage Hungary in what he called “suicide waves.

“The picture of the decade of war ahead of us also includes the suicide waves of the Western world,” Orban said. As examples of such “suicide waves” he cited a replenishment of the insufficient number of Christian babies through the influx of migrants, as well as the “agenda of gender madness and a liberal Europe.

In this situation, the route for Hungary must be set,” the prime minister said, before expressing certainty that his compatriots will be able to resist attacks on their national identity and traditions, as these are “carved out of hardwood.

Commenting on the sixth package of sanctions which the EU is now preparing in response to Russia’s military attack on Ukraine and which includes a gradual ban on Russian hydrocarbons, Orban reassured parliament that his country would not stand in the way of imposing new restrictions against Moscow, as long as these do not threaten Hungary’s energy security. Stressing that Budapest should maintain an independent policy within the European Union, Orban argued that the same applies to NATO membership.

NATO is a firm supporter, but it will not defend Hungary for us… The most urgent task is to strengthen the Hungarian army and make it a real army,” the prime minister stressed.