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7 Feb, 2022 12:09

Members of bizarre cult arrested in London

Men had allegedly posted footage of themselves being castrated
Members of bizarre cult arrested in London

Metropolitan Police have raided a flat in North London, arresting seven men linked to cult ‘Nullo’ after a pay-per-view footage of them being castrated appeared online, the media reports.

“Between Tuesday 7 and Friday 10 December 2021, officers from the Met’s Central Specialist Crime command conducted a search warrant at a residential address in the Finsbury Park area in connection with an investigation into an allegation of grievous bodily harm,” said a Met spokesperson quoted by The Daily Mail on Monday.

According to the paper, the police spent three days searching the property in Finsbury Park, removing laptops and desktop computers. The results of the investigation were made available to the outlet on Monday.

A 44-year-old Norwegian man living in the flat was apprehended on suspicion of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm. He described himself as “The Eunuch Maker” and appeared to be in charge of the film production, according to The Sun. He was also said to have undergone the operation himself. Six other people, aged from their 30s to 60s, have also been arrested.

The group was alleged to identify themselves as “Nullos,” which is a short for “genital nullification.” They had allegedly met through online forums and streamed videos of their genitals being removed on a pay-per-view adult platform boosted by Twitter.

The group was likely inspired by asexual Japanese artist Mao Sugiyama, as reported by The Daily Mail. The then 22-year-old artist was notorious for his act in 2012 of removing his private parts and then offering to serve them as a dish at a banquet of five guests that cost £800 per person.

According to the unnamed source cited by the paper, all suspects in connection with the case were released on bail.