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26 Jan, 2022 00:42

81yo Pelosi to seek re-election

Nancy Pelosi has represented California in Congress since 1987, serving under seven US presidents
81yo Pelosi to seek re-election

Veteran Democrat politician, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has announced that she will be seeking re-election to Congress this year.

“I am running for reelection to Congress and respectfully seek your support,” said Pelosi in a video, Tuesday, adding that she would be “greatly honored” and “grateful” to receive it.

Pelosi will be 82 when the next election takes place in November, and it still remains to be seen if she will run for Speaker of the House again. Back in 2018, the politician promised that her current term would be her last, though, it’s unclear if she has changed her mind since then.

While Pelosi is not the oldest person to have served in Congress, she has continuously held her position as California congresswoman since 1987. As a congresswoman, Pelosi has served under seven US presidents: Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden.

Though Pelosi’s re-election campaign announcement received endorsements from supporters, conservatives seized on the opportunity to point to her advanced age.

“Pelosi has been in Congress since I was 3,” observed Jenna Ellis, a former senior adviser to 45th President Donald Trump, while 43-year-old Republican commentator Dana Loesch revealed that she was in the 4th grade when Pelosi was first elected.