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21 Jan, 2022 23:13

Mom promises to resist school mask mandate with ‘guns loaded’

Virginia mother is accused of threatening school board members over school mask mandates
Mom promises to resist school mask mandate with ‘guns loaded’

Activists are calling for the arrest of a Virginia mother after she appeared to threaten school board members with “loaded guns” over a mask mandate in place. Police have responded by saying they are increasing their presence at Page County Public Schools in Luray, Virginia.

The mother, identified as Amelia King, found herself trending on social media after a clip of her comments began spreading. In footage from a Thursday night school board meeting, King can be seen voicing her objection to a mask mandate in place for students, which she says her children will not participate in. As she nears the end of her time, she says her children will not be wearing masks and if the mandate is enforced, she would bring “every single gun.” 

“No mask mandates. My children will not come to school Monday with a mask on. I will bring every single gun, loaded and ready,” she said.

When King is then informed she’s gone over her allotted three minutes to speak, she tells the room, “see you all on Monday.” 

Governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat, imposed a mask mandate on schools in Virginia before the end of his term. The newly sworn-in Governor Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, has ordered the statewide mandate lifted effective January 24.  

Page County schools superintendent Antonia Fox and school board chair Megan Gordon released a joint statement on Friday, saying such threats from parents will not be “tolerated” and are in contact with police.

Luray Police said Friday they have already been in contact with King, saying she’d reached out after her statement had caused “public alarm.” She had also emailed the school board following her appearance, apologizing for the way she “phrased” the statement, explaining she was speaking “figuratively.”

“The statement that was made absolutely caused public alarm, the parent that made the statement realized that, and immediately contacted law enforcement to apologize because the statement was not intended the way it was perceived,” the police wrote, adding later that King is “cooperating” with authorities. 

King’s apologies and explanations have not squashed the wave of criticism, with some calling for everything from the FBI to arrest to authorities to remove her children from her custody.