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21 Jan, 2022 14:52

China develops world’s largest bionic robot - state media

The stocky quadrupedal machine can reportedly be used for delivery and reconnaissance in tough terrain
China develops world’s largest bionic robot - state media

A new electric-powered quadrupedal bionic robot has been developed by China, allegedly the largest and heaviest of its kind. It’s designed to help with deliveries and reconnaissance operations in complex conditions deemed too risky for human soldiers, as revealed by Chinese Central Television (CCTV).

According to the reports and footage of the bot, the stocky four-legged device – dubbed “a mechanical yak” – stands almost as tall as an adult man and can carry up to 160 kilograms (334 pounds) while running at a speed of up to 10 kilometers (six miles) per hour.

Despite being described as the world’s heaviest bionic robot, the machine can reportedly run forward and backward, turn, jump, sprint, and walk diagonally. The device is designed to traverse difficult terrain such as cliffs, trenches, snow, deserts, and muddy roads, according to CCTV. 

The walking bot is reportedly equipped with hi-tech sensors to monitor its surroundings, and could be deployed for recon ops in high-risk combat zones and harsh environments. Another possible use is the delivery of various cargo, such as munition and provisions, to remote regions and off-grid territories inaccessible to conventional vehicles.

The “mechanical yak” is allegedly not the first military-grade bionic robot developed in China. Another quadrupedal machine revealed by Chinese media is a mechanical dog nicknamed Geda. This robot, reportedly weighing 32 kilograms (70.5 pounds), can carry up to 40 kilograms of payload and understand voice commands, as well as use facial recognition. It is reported to have passed tests in such difficult terrain as rocky roads, forests, and narrow bridges.

The Chinese government has apparently set its sights on the country becoming a global leader in robotics by the year 2025, with officials at the end of 2021 announcing a new five-year plan to boost the growth of its robotics sector.