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14 Jan, 2022 09:55

Slavoj Zizek discusses cancel culture and censorship on Tara Reade’s RT podcast

Many are living in a state of ‘unfreedom’, Zizek said
Slavoj Zizek discusses cancel culture and censorship on Tara Reade’s RT podcast

Slavoj Zizek, the “most dangerous philosopher in the West,” joined Tara Reade on her RT podcast ‘The Politics of Survival’ to discuss the censorship that is currently growing and happening on both sides of the political aisle.

New forms of “de facto censorship” are appearing today, Zizek told Reade during their wide-ranging conversation, and much of it is beginning to come from liberals, who are introducing an “even worse censorship” hidden under the guise of “progressive” politics. 

“One word can literally ruin your career,” noted Zizek, the author of ‘Heaven in Disorder’. He and Reade turned to ‘Harry Potter’ actress Emma Watson to prove their point. She received backlash even from the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations after recently posting an image from a pro-Palestine protest. 

“Anything you say can be used for whatever purpose,” Zizek said of anti-Semitism accusations thrown at Watson and others, noting that making “abstract” arguments helps in labeling certain views as hateful.

Such control and de facto censorship is derived from “unfreedom,” the author declared at one point, noting Julian Assange currently facing numerous charges for simply publishing material that shone a negative light on the US government and others. 

“You are free, but you are free within certain coordinates which are tightly controlled and regulated,” he said.