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11 Jan, 2022 14:13

Tucker Carlson compares Pelosi to Michael Jackson

The Fox host said he saw the long-dead King of Pop on TV, but really he saw an opportunity to ridicule the House speaker
Tucker Carlson compares Pelosi to Michael Jackson

Conservatives laughed and liberals fumed as Tucker Carlson claimed with a straight face to have seen pop legend Michael Jackson alive and well and on CBS News. It wasn’t a ghost, but an allegedly cosmetically enhanced Pelosi.

“Michael Jackson was on ‘Face the Nation’,” Carlson told ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ viewers on Monday. “This appeared to be a living version of the international pop star that news reports claimed died of a drug OD more than a dozen years ago. And yet despite those claims there he was, fully, undeniably Michael Jackson talking on television.”

As Carlson spoke, a caption on screen read “Shocking TV appearance raises eyebrows,” an apparent reference to what came next.

Carlson then cut to a clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking to CBS News’ ‘Face the Nation’ on Sunday. Pelosi, who is 81 and has been in politics since the 1970s, appeared to have had a recent facelift, and her eyebrows sat high on her forehead as she compared Republican politicians to the Trump supporters who rioted on Capitol Hill last January.

“See?” Carlson said. “Michael Jackson. That was him. No ‘Billie Jean’, apparently he’s given up singing and is telling lies about politics. Same man. If you’ve ever seen Michael Jackson, you cannot forget the face – though admittedly, he’s had a lot of work done since we saw him last.”

Liberal commentators, already used to bashing Carlson’s show, were outraged. The Huffington Post described the segment as “a new low” for Carlson, and commenters on Twitter described his joke as “sick” and “cruel.”

Conservatives, however, found it hilarious. Donald Trump Jr. called the segment savage,” and scores of Trump supporters flooded the comments to share their reactions.