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2 Jan, 2022 03:57

Rare hail stuns tourists in all-year-round resort

Beachgoers in shorts sought cover under their towels as large hailstones pummeled a popular Egyptian resort
Rare hail stuns tourists in all-year-round resort

Tourists at the Egyptian beach resort city of Hurghada were caught off guard by a rare snowstorm which pelted beachgoers with hail at the start of the new year.

Videos show people rushing to the safety of their hotels as massive hail stones fell from the sky on Saturday. Some of the stones – which reportedly broke windows and roofs – appeared to be the size of quail eggs.

In one video, tourists in beachwear are seen trying to protect themselves from the storm with only their towels, as one Russian woman is heard saying, “These poor people are running from the beach. The hail must have caught them on the beach.”

Schools in the area were ordered to close on Sunday due to the storm, while Minister of Local Development Mahmoud Shaarawy advised people to stay away from potentially dangerous objects such as trees and lamp posts.

“Hurghada [looks like] Moscow,” one Egyptian woman reacted on social media, while another person joked that Russian tourists spending New Year’s in the city probably “felt at home.”

Hurghada is popular with Russian tourists, with dozens of charter flights from Russia landing at the Red Sea resort every day. Flights were resumed in November after a six-year suspension following a 2015 terrorist attack targeting a Russian passenger plane travelling from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg. Regular flights between Russia and Egypt were resumed in August of last year.