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30 Dec, 2021 03:51

Man armed with AR-15 arrested on way to rid White House of ‘evil demons’

Police say they arrested a heavily armed man who claimed he was on a mission to assassinate President Biden
Man armed with AR-15 arrested on way to rid White House of ‘evil demons’

An armed man from California was arrested after telling police officers he was going to kill US President Joe Biden and other high-profile individuals, among them White House Covid adviser Anthony Fauci.

Kuachua Brillion Xiong was nabbed in Cass County, Iowa on December 21, after sheriffs discovered an AR-15 rifle, ammunition, and body armor in his vehicle when he was pulled over on the interstate highway for dangerous driving.

According to Secret Service Agent Justin Larson, Xiong had been traveling for several days from California “with the intention of driving straight to the White House” to “kill persons in power.” A Google Maps route to the White House was discovered on his phone.

The 25-year-old had complained to the authorities about the purported “abuse of children” under Biden, and claimed he had been called by God to “combat evil demons in the White House.” He also revealed he had intended to gain entry to the White House using a grappling hook.

His ‘kill list’ – which he had compiled using TikTok – allegedly included Biden, former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr Anthony Fauci, who has been one of the most prominent faces of the US coronavirus response.

The California man, who had recently been fired from his job as a grocery store worker, said “he would immediately resume traveling to the White House” if released from custody, and would “do whatever it takes” to conclude his mission.

Sheriffs’ records show that Xiong is currently being held in Pottawattamie County Jail.