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24 Aug, 2021 17:25

‘Pure fear porn’: Media ‘expert’ ripped for predicting the coming of COVID-22, a much-more deadly, vax-resistant ‘super variant’

‘Pure fear porn’: Media ‘expert’ ripped for predicting the coming of COVID-22, a much-more deadly, vax-resistant ‘super variant’

An immunologist alarmed by coronavirus strains, and the media that cited him, are accused of fear-mongering the masses into thinking a “super variant” called Covid-22 is on the way – a warning so far based on pure conjecture.

Zurich-based immunologist Dr. Sai Reddy claimed this week that the combination of existing strains of coronavirus could create a “super variant” Covid-22 in 2022. He added that we will no longer be able to rely on the currently available vaccines for protection.

“It is very likely that a new variant will emerge and that we will no longer be able to rely on vaccinations alone,” Reddy told German newspaper Blick. 

According to Reddy, if Covid variants such as Beta or Gamma become more contagious or Delta – which the doctor refers to as Covid-21 even though it was first discovered in 2020 – mutates, this could create a “new phase” of the pandemic which will be “worse than what we are experiencing now.” 

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Reddy went on to promote getting vaccinated and receiving subsequent booster shots to help fight the virus, as this will help create antibodies. The immunologist’s claims were later published by the Sun and Insider Paper, which tweeted about the story: “ALERT: New super variant named ‘Covid-22’ could be more dangerous than Delta strain, expert warned.”

Considering Reddy’s claims were little more than conjecture, the doctor and the outlets were accused of pushing “fear porn” in an effort to stir up the public as health officials continue to promote vaccines all while warning of rising cases in the fall. 

“Here we go again,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the story. 

“Pure fear porn – this variant doesn't even exist yet except in the mind of the scientist being interviewed,” another added

Reddy’s warnings of the supposed “big risk” in 2022 did actually get Covid-22 trending on Twitter, though, with many left confused and annoyed by the term and promise of more of the same.

US health officials, including White House health adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, have meanwhile predicted the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent approval of its first Covid-19 vaccine could lead to a return to “normal” by 2022, predicting more mandates and the FDA endorsement will boost lagging inoculation rates. 

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