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18 Apr, 2021 14:12

At least 11 passengers killed, some 100 injured as train derails in Egypt (VIDEO)

At least 11 passengers killed, some 100 injured as train derails in Egypt (VIDEO)

A packed passenger train has derailed in Egypt, with social media footage showing rail tracks damaged and several carriages overturned. There are reports of dozens of casualties as emergency teams respond.

The train, which was said to be traveling from Cairo to Mansoura, derailed outside the city of Benha on Sunday afternoon. At least 11 people died in the crash, according to the Egyptian Health Ministry.

Local authorities said more than 97 people were also injured in the accident, according to the Facebook page of the Qalyubia Governorate.

Dozens of ambulances were rushed to the scene to provide first aid and transport the injured to local hospitals. So far, no official information has emerged on the fatalities.


The crashed train comprised carriages of different types, with at least four newer air-conditioned cars attached at the train’s rear. Three of these apparently detached from the rest of the train, coming off-track and overturning.

Two further carriages remained attached to the rest of the train but got also overturned. Multiple carriages lost their wheels during the crash, footage from the scene shows.

Speeding is believed to be the cause of the incident, local newspaper Al-Shorouk said, citing “sources familiar with the investigation.” The train was reportedly moving at a speed of 120km per hour through a track section that was under repairs. The permitted speed limit there was just 30km per hour, the paper added.

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