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16 Dec, 2020 16:22

RT Creative Lab producer to represent Russia in all-female jury at Gerety Awards 2021

RT Creative Lab producer to represent Russia in all-female jury at Gerety Awards 2021

Senior creative producer with RT Creative Lab, Ania Fedorova, will represent Russia in the Gerety Awards Grand Jury which includes some of the world’s most respected advertising and marketing leaders.

The Gerety Awards marks the first time that a jury has been brought together to select the best in advertising – all advertising, not just advertising made for women – through the female lens. RT holds three bronze Gerety awards from two previous years: two for #Romanovs100 in 2019 and one for #Pobeda.Page in 2020, both projects Fedorova worked on. 

Ania Fedorova, with RT since 2005, has been working on award-winning creative digital projects #1917LIVE, #Romanovs100 and #Pobeda.Page. She switched to the position of digital producer and creator following a 10-year-long career with RT as a presenter.

The award is named after Frances Gerety, the copywriter who in 1948 coined the slogan ‘A diamond is forever’. In 2021 the Gerety Awards will be entering its third year with a new look brought by London-based brand storytelling studio Here We Go

Here We Go founder, Louise Sloper, says the concept of light refraction and the brilliance of a perfectly cut diamond reflect the quality of the awards and the women who are part of it.


The Gerety Awards was founded in 2019 by Joe Brooks and Lucía Ongay to acknowledge that if up to 80% of all purchasing decisions globally are made by women, creative female voices should be heard on all topics, not just gender-related content.

“Year after year, we have recruited the most respected advertising and marketing leaders from around the world. The purpose of the Gerety Awards is to show there is real value in the female vision of advertising, and for a third time we have brought a brand new jury together,” Ongay said in an interview with Adweek. 

There will be a total of 10 executive judging sessions held for the awards around the world in 2021 with ambassadors from Hungary, Chile, Singapore, Nigeria, the UK, the US, Italy, Germany and France. Some 35 women from 160 countries will comprise the worldwide jury. The Gerety Awards will announce the full executive jury list and open for entries in January. 

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