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2 Dec, 2020 11:38

Criminal organizations set to target Covid-19 vaccines, Interpol warns

Criminal organizations set to target Covid-19 vaccines, Interpol warns

Interpol has warned that criminals are planning to “infiltrate or disrupt supply chains” and target members of the public with fake vaccine scams as the world looks to immunize against Covid.

On Wednesday, Interpol issued a global alert to its 194 member countries outlining potential criminal activity related to upcoming, large-scale Covid vaccination programs. 

The international policing body highlighted a number of threats posed by criminal activity, including the advertisement, sale and use of fake vaccines.

“Criminal networks will also be targeting unsuspecting members of the public via fake websites and false cures, which could pose a significant risk to their health, even their lives,” said Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock.

Interpol also warned governments, pharmaceutical firms and logistics organizations to be aware of attempts by criminals to infiltrate Covid vaccine supply chains.

As governments are preparing to roll out vaccines, criminal organizations are planning to infiltrate or disrupt supply chains.

“It is essential that law enforcement is as prepared as possible for what will be an onslaught of all types of criminal activity linked to the Covid-19 vaccine, which is why Interpol has issued this global warning,” Stock added.

The alert also warns about the criminal threat to testing capabilities as Interpol said the importance of Covid testing is likely to increase in 2021 as the world attempts to restore some degree of normality.

The alert comes as the UK announced on Wednesday the regulatory approval of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine.The approval means the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is the first to be approved for widespread use, having completed stage-three trials.

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