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13 Sep, 2020 12:12

SECOND WAVE of Covid-19 already looming in Austria as new infections rise 'day by day' – Chancellor Kurz

SECOND WAVE of Covid-19 already looming in Austria as new infections rise 'day by day' – Chancellor Kurz

The Covid-19 pandemic is already making a comeback in Austria, where infection rates are surging and the forthcoming winter promises to be "tough for us all," Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has warned in an appeal to the nation.

The Alpine country recorded 350 new infections per day two weeks ago, but this figure had jumped to over 869 by last Saturday, Kurz said. He warned that Austria is set to pass the 1,000-case mark soon and that the Covid-19 comeback is therefore just around the corner.

What we are experiencing is the beginning of the second wave. The number of infections is increasing day by day.

Vienna has seen the bulk of the newly-recorded Covid-19 cases because of its population density. As the second wave approaches, people should reduce social contacts, wear face masks, and adhere to distancing rules, Kurz advised.

This autumn and winter "will be tough for all of us," he warned. On a brighter note, he said he is hoping that life can return to normal by next summer.

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Previously, the government announced that face-covering will be mandatory again in all public places, including supermarkets, shopping malls, administrative buildings, and schools from Monday. Masks will remain mandatory on public transport.

The government is also limiting the number of people allowed to attend private gatherings and public indoor events. The warning and pre-emptive measures come after health officials recorded a total of more than 33,100 coronavirus cases and over 750 fatalities.

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