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14 Aug, 2020 07:04

‘Strategic stupidity & dagger in the backs of Muslims’: Iran denounces UAE-Israel deal on ‘normalization’ of relations

‘Strategic stupidity & dagger in the backs of Muslims’: Iran denounces UAE-Israel deal on ‘normalization’ of relations

Tehran has blasted the Israel-UAE agreement to establish diplomatic ties as a "dangerous" step, and warned that it would only bolster the Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation.

On Thursday, Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi agreed on the "full normalization of relations" in exchange for Israel promising to suspend its plans to annex the West Bank.  

Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the deal as a "dangerous step" and "strategic stupidity" by both sides.

History will show that this was a strategic mistake by [Israel]. The dagger that was stuck by the UAE in the backs of the Palestinians and all Muslims would only lead to the strengthening of the resistance, unity and solidarity against [Israel.].

The ministry stated that "the oppressed people of Palestine and all free nations of the world will never normalize relations with the occupier and the criminal government of Israel." The UAE and other countries that will support the deal must "accept responsibility for all of the consequences of this action," the ministry warned.

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By signing a deal with Israel, the UAE became the first Gulf State and the third Arab nation after Egypt and Jordan to agree on establishing formal diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv. The deal was praised by Israel and the US. President Donald Trump hailed it as a "huge breakthrough" for both countries.

The deal, however, was predictably rejected by the Palestinian Authority (PA). Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a senior adviser to PA head Mahmoud Abbas, said the agreement was "a betrayal of… the Palestinian cause."

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meanwhile, confirmed that he had only agreed to delay the annexation of the West Bank, which still remains "on the table." He said that his government would "never give up our rights to our land."

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