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11 injured in brazen broad daylight bank robbery in Berlin (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

11 injured in brazen broad daylight bank robbery in Berlin (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A large-scale police operation has been launched in central Berlin after four robbers raided a bank located in a local mall. The robbers sprayed some irritant gas inside, injuring 11 people.

Dozens of police cars alongside firefighters and ambulances have arrived at a mall located in Berlin’s Hermannplatz square not far from the city center following a daring bank robbery committed in broad daylight on Friday afternoon.

Four suspects are reported to have broken into a bank branch in the mall spraying irritant gas before fleeing the crime scene in a car. Eleven people – all said to be bank customers – have suffered injuries due to gas exposure. Four of them have been taken to hospital.

Law enforcement officers have “descriptions” of the suspects, police spokesman Thilo Cablitz said without providing any details on the robbers’ identities. Yet, many details of the heist remain unclear. It is even not known whether the robbers managed to take anything from the bank.

The robbery also occurred as a cash-in-transit van was standing in front of the mall entrance. Yet, according to Cablitz, it was not targeted by the robbers.
Police are currently searching for the suspects. A special forces unit, SEK, has arrived at the site. Hermannplatz Square and nearby areas, as well as a local metro station, have all been cordoned off by officers.

Police are currently investigating “all possible versions” of the incident, yet, a terrorist motive has been “absolutely ruled out,” the spokesman said.

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