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Quit ‘poking nose’ into talks with US, stop 'nonsensical’ talk about denuclearization – North Korea to South

Quit ‘poking nose’ into talks with US, stop 'nonsensical’ talk about denuclearization – North Korea to South
A senior diplomat from North Korea has lashed out at South’s Foreign Ministry, after it called for resumed talks between Pyongyang and Washington and the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

South Korea’s leaders “do not have either any qualification to discuss, or the position to poke their noses into, the matters between the DPRK and the US, to say nothing of nuclear issues,” said Kwon Jong Gun, director general of North Korea’s Department of US Affairs, referring to his country by its abbreviated official name.

“It is better to stop a nonsensical talking about denuclearization,” the diplomat said in a statement released by KCNA, North Korea’s state news agency.

Having been long forsaken like a good-for-nothing cucumber stalk thrown into swill, they should have now been aware too well of their sad lot, but it is really pitiful that they are still irrationally mouthing denuclearization, like a monk chanting the prayers.

The US has long been seeking the full dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, and has imposed numerous rounds of economic sanctions. Pyongyang says the weapons are necessary to deter a possible military invasion by the US and its allies.

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While Pyongyang and Washington have made some symbolic concessions in recent years, including the closure of a North Korean nuclear test site and postponements of US military exercises with South Korea, the core of the dispute remains unresolved.

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