Indian police release footage of DRONES hunting lockdown violators complete with hilarious commentary

7 Apr, 2020 15:41 / Updated 4 years ago

Police in Kerala, India have deployed a swarm of drones to enforce Covid-19 restrictions in the city. To add levity to the situation, the cops decided to create a compilation of their favorite airborne busts of lockdown breakers.

Not content with a simple gag reel, the fuzz went one step further and added viral cricket commentary to the compilation, both informing and entertaining the public by recalling 2016's infamous #TracerBulletChallenge. 

“Tracer bullet” was a term popularized by now-head coach of the Indian national cricket team Ravi Shastri, who deployed the deft description repeatedly during his tenure as a beloved cricket commentator. Ever since his time calling the plays on the crease, others have paid homage to Shastri, trying to outdo each other in matching the intensity of the original. 

“The man trying to hide behind the tree was ultimate,” wrote one Twitter user, while others jokingly (hopefully) wondered whether the police should install a gun on the drone. 

The Kerala police video quickly went viral, garnering 10,000 views per hour in the five hours since it was posted (at time of writing), as Indians long for the return of cricket competition as they wile away the hours at home. 

India currently has over 4,900 cases of coronavirus while the death toll in the country stands at 137.

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