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‘We are not at the beginning of the end’: Greek PM warns of ‘most critical month’ ahead in battle against Covid-19

‘We are not at the beginning of the end’: Greek PM warns of ‘most critical month’ ahead in battle against Covid-19
Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis warned that Greece is facing its “most critical month” in the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic amid lockdown measures set to help tackle the spread of the deadly disease.

As of now,“We’re not at the beginning of the end, we are probably at the end of the beginning,” according to the PM.

April, we’re being told by all the experts, will be the most critical month. If we become complacent, we will pay for it and we can’t let that happen.

Easter is very popular among Greeks as they tend to travel to the countryside and the islands with their families to attend church and hold large feasts.

However, this year will be different as the government has put together some strict social distancing measures that do not allow any traveling for non-essential reasons in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Mitsotakis imposed a nationwide lockdown on March 22 and only supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, pet shops, food delivery companies, groceries, bakeries, kiosks and banks have remained open.

Among others, citizens are only allowed to leave their house with a valid ID on them for grocery shopping, work, doctor’s appointments, exercising, dog walking or a trip to the pharmacy after they have received expressed permission via text.

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The lockdown regulations will remain in place this month with Greece recording over 1,400 cases as well as 52 deaths relating to Covid-19, according to worldometer.

The coronavirus pandemic has so far recorded more than 50,000 deaths around the world, latest grim findings from Johns Hopkins University state.

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