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31 Mar, 2020 16:40

Attempted coup & assassinations: Venezuelan prosecutors subpoena Guaido as ‘among main perpetrators’ in US-backed regime-change op

Attempted coup & assassinations: Venezuelan prosecutors subpoena Guaido as ‘among main perpetrators’ in US-backed regime-change op

Venezuela’s prosecutors have summoned Juan Guaido over his role in the “attempted coup d’etat,” as well as in alleged assassination attempts. Guaido is the main figure in US-backed efforts to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

The move was announced by Attorney General Tarek William Saab on Tuesday in a televised speech. The official described Guaido as “one of the main perpetrators” of a "new" attempted coup.

The move comes after a cache of weaponry, said to be smuggled into Venezuela, was seized in neighboring Colombia last week.

“As part of last week's initial investigation into an attempted coup and assassination, following the unveiling of an arsenal of war, we have issued a summons for one of those responsible to appear next Thursday in the Prosecutor's Office,” Saab stated.

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Opposition leader Juan Guaido proclaimed himself Venezuela’s “interim president” back then, trying to oust the sitting president, Nicolas Maduro. The takeover effort received broad support from the US and its allies, who rushed to recognize Guaido as the ‘legitimate’ leader of Venezuela.

However, repeated attempts to dislodge Maduro from power, including mass-protests, a failed military coup and a thinly-veiled yet persistent threat of a US-backed invasion, have been unsuccessful so far.

Guaido’s subpoena comes shortly after Washington again ramped up its anti-Maduro game and indicted Venezuela’s president on drug charges. The Venezuelan foreign ministry has brushed off the allegations as “a new form of coup d’etat” that just showed the “desperation” of the “Washington elite.”

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