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20 Mar, 2020 14:08

Paris police restrict movements and GATHERINGS in city center ahead of weekend

Paris police restrict movements and GATHERINGS in city center ahead of weekend

Police in Paris have tightened restrictions in the French capital, banning movement and gatherings at prominent locations in the city center ahead of the weekend.

The new measures apply to the popular promenades on the left and right banks of the river Seine, Invalides and the Champ De Mars park around the Eiffel Tower. They come into effect immediately and will be in place throughout the weekend.  

For 70 straight weekends Yellow Vest protesters have gathered in cities around France on Saturdays to protest against the policies of President Emmanuel Macron.

The prefecture said that too many people were frequienting the areas despite home confinement rules that were introduced on Tuesday.

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The fresh restrictions come just days after the French government dramatically ramped up its nationwide restrictions on movement, as part of efforts to clampdown on the spread of Covid-19.

Lockdown restrictions introduced on Tuesday ordered people living in France not to travel more than two kilometers from their homes. A list of acceptable reasons for travel were also introduced which include shopping for basic necessities, seeking medical treatment, helping a neighbor or relative, walking a dog and exercizing alone.

The activities were also only acceptable if a person filled out and carried a government form stating their reasons for being outside. Those without a printer were permitted to carry a handwritten statement.

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