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19 Mar, 2020 07:26

Klansmen or Coneheads? Bizarre new species of shark spawns smorgasbord of snarky memes

Klansmen or Coneheads? Bizarre new species of shark spawns smorgasbord of snarky memes

Scientists have chanced upon two new species of peculiar-looking sharks, giving fresh ammunition to meme-makers who delighted in the creatures’ comically-long snouts.

The sixgill sawshark boasts a conspicuous snout that has teeth and catfish-like whiskers to help it find prey. Native to the West Indian Ocean, neither of the two new species have been spotted alive in the wild – but that hasn’t stopped internet users from giving them face-lifts – in Photoshop.

One enterprising MS Paint expert turned the sharks’ frowns upside down, adding a whole new level of weird to already visually-jarring sea creatures.

Then of course, there were those who made the obvious comparisons. A predictable KKK meme emerged from the depths of the internet, as well as a slightly less provocative Coneheads joke.

The shark discovery was for some a much-needed change of pace from around-the-clock coronavirus coverage, but not everyone was amused. First Covid-19, now new kinds of sharks?

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