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15 Mar, 2020 23:43

‘Been ill for almost a week now’: Bond girl Olga Kurylenko becomes latest celebrity victim of coronavirus

‘Been ill for almost a week now’: Bond girl Olga Kurylenko becomes latest celebrity victim of coronavirus

The co-star of Quantum of Solace, Ukrainian-born actress Olga Kurylenko, has announced she tested positive for Covid-19 and has been in self-isolation at home with symptoms that include fever and fatigue.

The Hollywood actress broke the news that she tested positive for coronavirus in an Instagram post on Sunday.

“Locked up at home after having tested positive for Coronavirus. I’ve actually been ill for almost a week now,” she wrote, urging her followers to stay vigilant in the face of the outbreak – declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Take care of yourself and do take this seriously!

Kurylenko rose to international stardom on the back of the 2008 James Bond movie Quantum of Solace, and has since starred in an array of blockbusters, including the 2013 sci-fi film Oblivion.

Responding to well-wishers asking her to provide details about her condition and treatment, the starlet said she has been taking medication to relieve fever, and has mostly been waiting for the symptoms to wane on their own, since there is currently no cure for the novel coronavirus.

The actress noted, however, that she has been using traditional medicine to support her immune system. Apart from taking vitamins, Kurylenko said she has been eating garlic and drinking lemon water.

Kurylenko, 40, a French citizen since 2001, has been living in London with her four-year-old son and her boyfriend, Argentinian actor Ben Cura.

The British government has taken relatively modest steps to combat the spread of the disease in comparison to other European countries such as Italy, which has been in nationwide lockdown since Tuesday.

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Downing Street has argued that drastic measures like shutting down schools or introducing harsh travel restrictions are preliminary and, if they come into effect now, would be less efficient because people would not observe them for long.

The argument, however, drew huge pushback from the scientific community, with an open letter penned by over 200 scientists urging the government to “take stronger measures of social distancing” with “immediate effect.”

So far, 1,372 confirmed coronavirus cases have been reported across the UK, and the death toll stands at 35.

On Sunday, the UK health secretary said the authorities may order all people over 70 to isolate themselves “for their own self-protection.”

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