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13 Mar, 2020 01:57

Trudeau’s wife tests POSITIVE for coronavirus, Canada's PM has 'no symptoms' but remains in self-isolation

Trudeau’s wife tests POSITIVE for coronavirus, Canada's PM has 'no symptoms' but remains in self-isolation

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophia Gregoire Trudeau, has tested positive for Covid-19 after she showed flu-like symptoms upon return from the UK. The PM, who has been in self-quarantine, is said to be “in good health.”

The PM’s other half began displaying symptoms consistent with those reported by patients who developed pneumonia due to the novel coronavirus on Wednesday night, which prompted her to seek the help of a doctor and she was tested for the virus.

The tests came back positive, the PM's office reported on Thursday night.

Following medical recommendations, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau was tested for Covid-19 today. The test came back positive. Also following medical advice, she will remain in isolation for the time being

The Canadian leader himself, who voluntary went into self-quarantine, working from home pending his wife’s testing, is said not to be sharing any of his wife’s symptoms which include low fever.

"The prime minister is in good health with no symptoms," his office said.

Although it has been widely reported that those who are infected with the virus might be asymptomatic, the office said that Trudeau won’t undergo any tests at this point of time “since he has no symptoms.”

Also on rt.com Canada’s Trudeau SELF-ISOLATES after wife displays ‘flu-like symptoms’ & gets tested for COVID-19

The doctors who did a check-up on Trudeau insisted that the people who were in close contact with the PM recently were at “no risk” of contracting the disease, according to the statement.

Trudeau is to continue to remain in self-isolation for the next two weeks.

The Canadian PM is not the only leader to have a close call with the virus recently, with US President Donald Trump coming into direct contact with Brazil’s press secretary, who tested positive for the illness on Thursday. Though Trump declined to be tested, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro underwent a screening and the results are expected to be unveiled sometime on Friday.

Canada has confirmed over 100 cases of Covid-19 since the outbreak was first observed in the country in late January, with one person succumbing to the disease.

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