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20 Feb, 2020 02:44

‘Horrific accident’: 3 killed, 10 injured after crane collapses on ‘Indian 2’ movie set (PHOTOS)

‘Horrific accident’: 3 killed, 10 injured after crane collapses on ‘Indian 2’ movie set (PHOTOS)

A major accident on a film set in India has left three crew members dead and 10 others with serious injuries after a massive crane tipped over and came crashing down on the movie lot.

The crane fell as crew members worked to build a set for an upcoming action thriller, ‘Indian 2,’ at the EVP Studios in Chennai on Wednesday night. Those injured were rushed to the hospital for treatment and firefighters were sent in to clear away debris.

The aftermath of the disaster was captured in images that surfaced on social media, showing wreckage from the downed crane.

Actor Kamal Haasan, who stars in the film, took to Twitter with condolences for the victims and their families shortly after the incident.

“Today's accident is the most horrific I have seen in my film career,” he said. “I have lost three colleagues but my pain pales in comparison to the grief of those who have lost their loved ones. My deepest sympathies to them.”

Another star in the movie, actress Rakul Singh, who was not on set at the time, also noted the tragedy online, stating she was “shocked” to hear what happened to her co-workers.

While initial reports said film director Shankar Shanmugam had sustained a broken leg in the accident, he later clarified that he was not injured. Both his personal aide and an assistant director were killed, however.

Police are now investigating the cause of the tragedy. A sequel to Shankar’s 1996 vigilante crime thriller, ‘Indian 2’ is expected to screen sometime in 2021, though it is unclear whether Wednesday’s accident will set back its schedule.

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