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18 Feb, 2020 13:23

She said ‘yes!’ Fan proposes to girlfriend using Metro Exodus video game

She said ‘yes!’ Fan proposes to girlfriend using Metro Exodus video game

Ukrainian video game studio 4A Games helped out one love-struck megafan of their Metro Exodus series by embedding a marriage proposal into the game. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton, but did it work out for him?

Gamers are used to taking risks (well, in the digital realm anyway) but thankfully, this gamble did pay off and, regardless of how players fare in-game, Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story will have a happy ending, 4A Games took to Twitter to confirm. 

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The developers inserted the love note, which read “Fanny, be my wife” in Cyrillic on a rooftop in the game.

“Today, we’re thrilled to say, she said yes!  Congratulations Fanni and Aleksandr! We wish you all the best in life!” the studio tweeted, confirming the good news. 

For better or worse, games such as Borderlands, Portal and even Spider-Man all contain marriage proposals, showing that sometimes, game developers really do listen to fans. 

However, in the case of the latter, the failed marriage proposal became one of the saddest Easter eggs in gaming history, as the relationship ended before the game (with the proposal Easter egg) was even released. Press F to pay respects. 

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