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28 Jan, 2020 18:05

US ‘deal of the century’ for M. East biased against Palestinians, Washington ignored UN resolutions – adviser to Iranian president

US ‘deal of the century’ for M. East biased against Palestinians, Washington ignored UN resolutions – adviser to Iranian president

Donald Trump’s ‘peace plan’ for Israel and Palestine is actually a plan of “imposition and sanctions,” a senior adviser to the Iranian president has said, accusing the US of previously violating UN resolutions on the matter.

The much-hyped document was unveiled by Trump on Tuesday alongside Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Weighing in, Hesamodin Ashna – senior adviser to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani – alleged an extreme pro-Israeli bias, stating that such a plan would only spark a new Palestinian intifada.

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There’s no place for actual discussions with the Palestinians within Trump’s plan, Ashna said in a tweet, adding that instead of “peace and prosperity,” the plan promises “imposition and sanctions” only. Moreover, the US has violated multiple UN Security Council resolutions, the official claimed.

While the plan was advertised by Trump as a “big step towards peace,” it was met with mixed reactions from the Palestinians – who actually rejected it beforehand, citing the US president’s apparent strong pro-Israeli bias. During his presidency Trump has made multiple concessions to Israel, including moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights, which the country seized from Syria in 1967.

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Trump’s ‘peace plan’ has been already rejected by the Hamas group, which called it an “aggressive” statement that will only spark “anger.” Hamas was particularly displeased with Trump’s words on Jerusalem, a city he called the “undivided capital” of Israel while simultaneously promising to create the Palestinian capital in the unspecified eastern “parts” of the city.

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