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23 Jan, 2020 08:29

Impressive fighter jet formations & daring female motorcyclists: India gears up for Republic Day parade (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

Impressive fighter jet formations & daring female motorcyclists: India gears up for Republic Day parade (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

Cities across India are making final preparations for Republic Day celebrations, as Delhi holds a traffic-clogging full dress rehearsal for the main parade.

Celebrated on January 26, Republic Day marks the date on which the Constitution of India, ratified in 1950, came into effect. The main event, the Delhi Republic Day parade, is held at the Rajpath, a ceremonial boulevard in the nation’s capital.

Photographs and videos posted to social media showcase the diverse array of military units and hardware that will be put on display during the Delhi parade, as well as smaller ceremonies across India.

Police and other para-military units will also participate in the celebration. Female members of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) will showcase their biking prowess with some dazzling motorcycle acrobatics.

The parade will also feature Captain Tania Shergill, who will become the first woman Parade Adjutant to preside over Republic Day festivities.

Spectators spotted Indian Air Force fighter jets and Chinooks practicing flybys above the skies of Delhi.

The preparations have caused some unavoidable inconvenience for commuters, however. Delhi police announced that traffic on Rajpath has been restricted until the rehearsal finishes on Thursday. The boulevard will also be closed on Saturday till the parade concludes the next day, officials said. Airspace has also been restricted and law enforcement has asked the public to keep an eye out for suspicious objects or persons.

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