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21 Jan, 2020 08:37

980-pound strongman nicknamed ‘Pakistani Hulk’ is looking for a ‘heavyweight’ bride

980-pound strongman nicknamed ‘Pakistani Hulk’ is looking for a ‘heavyweight’ bride

A colossal Pakistani weightlifter, known for pulling tractors with a rope and lifting cars with one hand, says he has rejected scores of would-be brides because they did not match his physique.

Hailing from Mardan in northern Pakistan, Arbab Khizer Hayat is 6ft 6in (197cm) tall and weighs around 980lb (444kg). He has been on a desperate quest for love in recent years, since his parents want him to get married, the 27-year-old strongman told the Daily Mail.

“I need a heavyweight wife so I do not hurt her. All the women who have wanted to marry me so far have been too skinny,” Hayat said, explaining why “an average woman” would be a bad match for him.

“I want to meet a woman who weighs at least 220lb [100kg], and she has to be above 6ft 4in [192cm] tall, so we look right together,” he noted, adding that he has already rejected “200-300 girls” because they did not fit the desired parameters.

A celebrity in his hometown, Hayat performs various stunts to showcase his strength. Videos circulating online show him pulling tractors, buses, and cars with a rope, as well as lifting cars with one hand.

To maintain his shape, Hayat consumes fours chickens, 36 eggs, 7lb (3kg) of meat and 5 liters of milks a day. The man told local media that he plans to enter world weightlifting competitions and become a star with the WWE.

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