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7 Jan, 2020 09:43

Mixing unrelated issues? Indian singer Chinmayi Sripada sparks heated debate with controversial tweet

Mixing unrelated issues? Indian singer Chinmayi Sripada sparks heated debate with controversial tweet

Singer Chinmayi Sripada has come under fire on social media after posting a message about the prejudice faced by women, Muslims and ‘untouchables’ in India. The tweet was criticized as a gross generalization.

Chinmayi Sripada became one of the leading figures in India’s #MeToo movement when she accused popular lyricist and novelist Vairamuthu of sexual assault (a claim that he rejects). She has one million followers on Twitter – and that’s where she sparked a heated debate over her recent post.

“A woman’s character, a Dalit’s merit, and a Muslim’s patriotism are always questioned in this country,” her message read.

Though the words were not Sripada’s own – the quote had previously gone viral on social media – her followers were quick to react. Many users accused the singer of trying to over-simplify complicated issues.

She was also accused of “fake feminism” and trying to connect “unrelated things” for attention.

There are plenty of Indians who are “not even caste conscious,” argued another Twitter user, arguing that her post “conflates issues” and damages Sripada’s credibility.

Tensions over religious issues are ongoing in India over Muslim protests – sometimes violent in nature – against a new citizenship law which they claim is discriminatory. New Delhi continues to stress that the legislation is not prejudiced against any group.

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