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29 Dec, 2019 10:26

Elon Musk gets an EARFUL after suggesting only ‘SUBWAY STALINISTS’ oppose creation of underground highways

Elon Musk gets an EARFUL after suggesting only ‘SUBWAY STALINISTS’ oppose creation of underground highways

Elon Musk has been bombarded with internet hate after claiming that a not-very-scientific poll shows that only a small minority are against the construction of subterranean roads.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO conducted a survey on Twitter in which he asked his followers if they liked the idea of “super safe, Earthquake-proof tunnels under cities to solve traffic.” After an overwhelming majority of e-voters responded “definitely,” Musk triumphantly declared: “As expected, 69% want car tunnels! Stop whining, subway Stalinists, the people have spoken.”

However, Musk later deleted the tweet, for reasons unknown.

While some applauded his victory lap, many Twitter users booed the tech entrepreneur's characterization of public transit enthusiasts as fusty communists. "He also happens to sell cars," one commenter wrote, "but that's obviously a coincidence."

“Your crusade to further atomize the populace and discredit public transportation sucks,” read a top reply to his self-congratulatory tweet.

Musk was further lambasted for his poll’s ambiguous wording and biased voting choices: ‘definitely’, ‘maybe’, and ‘no, I like traffic’.

The notion that underground roadways would mitigate traffic was also questioned, with some pointing out that tunnels built for car travel already exist – and are not immune to congestion.

Musk created his own tunneling firm, the Boring Company, and has advocated for underground roads as a way to solve traffic in cities. He said in a tweet that a transportation tunnel being built by his company in Las Vegas “hopefully” should be “fully operational” in 2020.

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