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27 Dec, 2019 18:40

WATCH: Moment MOLOTOV COCKTAILS fly & set ablaze office of Brazilian comedy group behind Netflix’s ‘GAY JESUS’

WATCH: Moment MOLOTOV COCKTAILS fly & set ablaze office of Brazilian comedy group behind Netflix’s ‘GAY JESUS’

Footage of an attack on Brazilian comedy group Porta dos Fundos shows several assailants targeting its HQ with fire bombs. The incident comes amid the release of a controversial comedy special depicting Jesus as gay.

The attack was captured on several CCTV cameras, as well as apparently filmed by the arsonists themselves. At least three masked individuals took part in the attack – they drove to the comedy group’s office in Rio de Janeiro early on Tuesday and threw three firebombs at its lobby.

The blaze, however, was promptly contained by a security guard.

Responsibility for the attack was claimed by alleged fundamentalists  who accused Porta dos Fundos of being a “Marxist group” trying to “destroy our people, our belief, our immaterial heritage.” The attack was an attempt to “seek justice” for “all Brazilians against the blasphemous, bourgeois and anti-patriotic attitude,” they said.

The video spurred online discussion with some questioning whether the attack was a hoax staged by Porta dos Fundos itself.

The comedy group has found itself in the middle of a heated debate after the premiere of the Netflix special ‘The First Temptation of Christ’. The movie angered many Christians in Brazil and abroad, as it depicts Jesus bringing what appears to be his boyfriend to introduce him to the Holy Family.

Also on rt.com HQ of Brazilian comedy group behind Netflix’s ‘gay Jesus’ special is firebombed

Several petitions have been launched urging that the satirical show be taken down, as well as calls to boycott Netflix altogether. The most successful petition has attracted over 2.3 million supporters.

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