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22 Dec, 2019 21:43

Syrian air defense intercepts missiles coming from the direction of 'occupied territories' - State TV

Syrian air defense intercepts missiles coming from the direction of 'occupied territories'  - State TV

Syrian air defenses have intercepted missiles over the capital city of Damascus, according to state media.

An initial report from SANA stated that the missiles came from the “direction of the occupied territories”  and Israeli media assumed that meant their country.

The agency reported that one of the projectiles fell in the village of Aqraba, some 50 kilometers southwest of Damascus. A total of three blasts rocked the area near the Syrian capital, according to a report by Jordan-based Al-Hadath TV.

There was no information as to the damage or casualties so far.

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have refused to comment on the alleged attack by the Israeli military on the Syrian territory, citing Tel Aviv's  standard practice of not commenting on the reports by foreign media.

Also on rt.com Israel claims it hit ‘dozens’ of Iranian & Syrian military targets in response to rocket fire

The Israeli military has previously launched missiles into Syrian territory. In November, a number of Israeli projectiles were shot down near military positions in the country’s south. Israeli officials later claimed that the attack was a response to rocket fire from Syria into northern Israel.

Israel is not involved in Syria’s eight-year civil war, but does regularly target what it says are Iranian military targets in the country. Tel Aviv warns Damascus not to respond to the attacks, which the Syrian government says are a violation of international law.

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