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Railway stations in West Bengal set on FIRE as protests against citizenship bill spread across India (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Railway stations in West Bengal set on FIRE as protests against citizenship bill spread across India (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Train stations across the Indian state of West Bengal have been vandalized and set ablaze by anti-CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill) protesters angered by the new legislation.

Photographs and videos shared on social media purportedly show demonstrators tearing up railway tracks, throwing stones at trains, and torching stations across the state.

The largest attack, carried out by 15,000 protesters, targeted a transit hub in West Bengal's Malda district, the Times of India reported. The mob allegedly set fire to the train station's ticket counter and committed other acts of vandalism before making a bonfire on the tracks.

Police were deployed to contain the violent crowds as the regional government scrambled to restore order. Internet access was suspended in six of the state's districts.

Violence erupted in Delhi on Sunday, with anti-CAB protesters torching buses and clashing with police in the streets of the Indian capital.

Under CAB, persecuted religious minorities coming from Muslim-majority Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan can obtain Indian citizenship. Critics say the bill is discriminatory because the new law excludes Muslim refugees.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has insisted that the new law does not infringe upon the rights of Muslims living in India in any way.

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