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#IamRabiPirzada: Actresses post nudes in solidarity with controversial Pakistani singer who had explicit images leaked

#IamRabiPirzada: Actresses post nudes in solidarity with controversial Pakistani singer who had explicit images leaked
Ongoing social media uproar over leaked nudes of Pakistani pop star Rabi Pirzada has inspired other women in the entertainment industry to bare all in solidarity with their colleague.

Mumbai-based Pakistani-Afghan actress Malisha Heena Khan created a Twitter account specifically to share a series of artsy, black-and-white nude photographs of herself, tagging the NSFW pics with “#SupportRabiPirzada” and “#iamrabipirzada.”

It appears that at least one other woman has followed Khan’s lead. Ishika Borah, who describes herself as “India’s only original porn star,” posted a series of nudes on her own newly made Twitter account.

The photo-protest comes days after Pirzada announced she was leaving showbiz over X-rated videos and photographs that spread across the internet. The leak caused Pirzada’s name to trend in Pakistan, with many people denouncing the singer for impropriety. Pirzada has asked the Pakistani government to remove the images from the internet.

It’s still unclear how the photos made their way into cyberspace. Some have theorized that the nudes were released by an angry ex-boyfriend. There is also speculation that the leak was the result of a politically motivated hack. Pirzada has been a provocative critic of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his policies in relation to Kashmir. She infamously threatened the Indian leader with snakes in one video, and posed in a suicide vest in a photograph that she later scrubbed from her social media accounts.

Also on rt.com Pakistani pop star Rabi Pirzada, who posed in suicide vest, turns to religion after quitting showbiz over leaked nudes

While some women have used Pirzada’s misfortune to challenge Pakistan’s ultra-conservative social norms, it seems the now-retired pop star has taken a slightly different path.

In a tweet announcing her exit from showbiz, Pirzada asks for forgiveness from Allah. According to Pakistani media, she is currently undertaking a religious pilgrimage, or ‘Umrah.’

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