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1 Nov, 2019 14:25

Unhappy meal: Seemingly invincible McDonald’s meal livestreamed decaying for past 10yrs (PHOTOS)

Unhappy meal: Seemingly invincible McDonald’s meal livestreamed decaying for past 10yrs (PHOTOS)

Despite closing down all operations in Iceland in 2009, McDonald’s still has one meal residing in the country. Its excruciatingly slow, almost glacial, decay has been livestreamed for all the world to see for the past decade.

“I decided to buy a last meal for its historical value since McDonald’s were closing down,” said apparent burger enthusiast Hjortur Smarason, who bought the last meal ever sold by the famous fast food chain in the island nation. 

“I had heard that McDonald’s never decomposed so I just wanted to see if it was true or not.”


The American chain closed its only three branches in Iceland in 2009 amid a financial crisis that rocked the country to its core and, apparently, its stomach. 

Smarason first stored the meal in his garage before donating it to the National Museum of Iceland, after which it was moved to a hotel and then to its current home in a glass case at the Snotra House in Hella, Thykkvibaer in southern Iceland. There, it has been livestreamed while slowly decaying for all the world to marvel (or recoil) at ever since. 

“People from around the world ... come here just to visit the burger,” said hostel owner Sigurdur Gylfason, who claims the burger stream reportedly receives 400,000 hits a day.

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In 2013, McDonald’s stated that, despite rumors to the contrary, its burgers were not invincible and “in the right environment, our burgers, like most other foods, could decompose.”

Apparently the key ingredient for the foodstuff to break down is moisture. Good to know...

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