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31 Oct, 2019 17:05

‘Happy Halloween!’ Thai princess holds up ‘severed Trump head’ in social media post (PHOTO)

‘Happy Halloween!’ Thai princess holds up ‘severed Trump head’ in social media post (PHOTO)

Princess Ubolratana of Thailand took time out of posting various Halloween ensembles to share something a little more provocative: a photo of her holding what looks like a mock severed head of Donald Trump.

The image was shared on her private Instagram account with the caption “Happy Halloween in Sampeng!” 

The 68-year-old had earlier posted images of her various Halloween outfits, dressing up as characters ranging from Disney’s Maleficent to a fortune teller, before sharing the gruesome depiction of Trump. 

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Social media reactions to the post range from people finding it “disgusting,” to seeing it as a hilarious, if pointed, Halloween prank, with some commenters suspecting it was in response to the recent US suspension of certain Thai trade preferences.

The royal is far from the first to court controversy over depictions of a decapitated Trump. US comedian Kathy Griffin found herself in extremely hot water in 2016 after she held a bloodied, disembodied Trump head aloft for a photo stunt.

Last year, an art gallery in Portland, Oregon was heavily criticized for featuring a piece depicting the president being beheaded as part of an exhibition.

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