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13 Oct, 2019 09:13

Irish sports team miraculously avoid tragedy in shocking celebration accident (GRAPHIC VIDEOS)

Irish sports team miraculously avoid tragedy in shocking celebration accident (GRAPHIC VIDEOS)

Joy quickly turned to horror for a gaelic football team celebrating a cup win in the Irish village of Enniskerry as celebrating players were sent crashing off the top of a truck after a railing buckled.

Crowds of supporters were hailing their local heroes, who were parading through the County Wicklow village on the roof of an articulated lorry, when the sickening incident occurred at around 6.30pm on Saturday. Ambulances reportedly rushed to the scene and at least nine people were left with a range of injuries following the shocking accident. 

WARNING: Videos contain graphic content that some viewers may find upsetting.

Footage from the incident shows the players in the throes of celebration before the scene dramatically changes as the railing gives away, sending a large group of people tumbling towards the tarmac.

The injured men were rushed to nearby hospitals where they are being treated for their injuries. Enniskerry Gaelic Athletic Association club issued a statement thanking supporters for their concern and reassuring people that all the injured people are OK.

“There is no critical or life-threatening injuries after tonight’s accident nor was there any deaths. Some players have bad injuries but everyone will be fine,” it said.

Gaelic football is an Irish sport played on a grass pitch between two teams of 15 players. It is one of the most popular games in Ireland with every village and parish having its own local team.

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