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30 Sep, 2019 08:27

Shock and outrage as masked Antifa crowd blocks and shouts at elderly couple in Canada (VIDEO)

Shock and outrage as masked Antifa crowd blocks and shouts at elderly couple in Canada (VIDEO)

Several Antifa members crowded around an elderly woman with a rolling walker, blocking her from crossing a street outside a college in Canada, where they held a rally against a local MP, ending with scuffles and arrests.

The ugly scene took place amid a loud Antifa protest outside Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario on Sunday. Video of the event, shared on social media, shows an elderly couple attempting to cross the street on a marked crosswalk as four masked protesters deliberately loom over them, blocking their path.

The couple remained calm, seemingly trying to reason with the protesters. One incensed activist appears to be screaming at the woman in response and later makes an aggressive hand gesture to the man accompanying her.

The Antifa activists had their faces hidden by scarves and hoodies during the exchange, while one wore a ski mask. Other activists could be heard shouting “Nazi scum – off our street!” It is unclear how the argument between the protesters and the elderly couple started, and whether they let the couple go in the end.

The treatment of the couple, nevertheless, sparked outrage on Twitter. “This makes me sick,” one person wrote.

“The poor woman couldn’t even walk by herself. Do these guys think there (sic) tough for picking on the elderly?” another commenter said.

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Antifa activists showed up outside Mohawk College to protest against politician Maxime Bernier, who was holding a fundraiser there. After briefly serving as foreign minister in the late 2000s, he quit Canada’s Tories last year to form the right-wing People’s Party, and currently serves as its sole MP.

Bernier advocates for stricter immigration laws and strongly opposes what he calls the “extreme multiculturalism and cult of diversity” of incumbent liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This predictably triggered the ire of Antifa, who have turned up to protest at several of Bernier’s events across the country.

Sunday’s rally was marred by sporadic scuffles between the protesters and Bernier supporters. Police intervened, arresting four people.

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