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10 Sep, 2019 05:18

Maduro convenes Defense Council to address Colombia’s ‘war-mongering’ behavior

Maduro convenes Defense Council to address Colombia’s ‘war-mongering’ behavior

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has convened a National Defense Council to discuss Colombia’s alleged attempts to send terrorists and turncoat officers to Venezuela to disrupt its military infrastructure.

In a televised address on Monday, Maduro pulled no punches as he went on yet another verbal offensive against Colombia and its president, Ivan Duque, accusing his government of plotting attacks on public infrastructure, as well as on civilian and military sites.

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“I have decided to convene, in accordance with Article 323, the Defense Council to address the issue of the warlike threat of the government of Colombia against our beloved homeland of Venezuela,” the embattled Maduro said.

Maduro further insisted that he has evidence to support his claims about Colombia’s nefarious plans to topple his government and impose Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Maduro said that that the Colombian authorities have been responsible for a total of 42 acts of aggression against Venezuela over the past three months. Some of these were aimed at undermining Venezuela’s missile defense shield and radar systems. In order to infiltrate the country’s defense infrastructure, Colombia allegedly recruited Venezuelan army officers, who, Maduro claimed, are “selling their nation.”

The Venezuelan leader accused Duque and his entourage of trying to drive a wedge between the two Latin American peoples, including by using the media as a “war machine” to spread disinformation.

“Colombia is a failed state that hates Venezuela… and wants to create conflict between our two nations.”

Tensions have been running high between the two neighbors. Last week, Maduro declared an "orange alert” over a Colombian threat and deployed missile defenses to the border. He also raised the alarm over a potential false-flag attack that could be used by Duque as a pretext to start a full-fledged armed conflict and enlist support from the international community.

Earlier that week, Venezuela presented satellite images purporting to show ‘terrorist’ training camps on Colombia’s territory.

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