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Scaly terror: Croc’s SNEAK ATTACK on two dogs in flooded Indian city captured in gut-wrenching VIDEO

Scaly terror: Croc’s SNEAK ATTACK on two dogs in flooded Indian city captured in gut-wrenching VIDEO
Residents in the Indian city of Vadodara have taken shelter in their homes as crocodile-infested floodwaters rise throughout the city. One heart-wrenching, close-call crocodile attack was captured on camera.

After torrential rainfall flooded the area, residents sought shelter from the roughly 300 crocodiles that are estimated to be roaming the flooded streets. Unfortunately, two dogs were caught outside in the elements, and were stalked by one of the reptilian predators. The encounter was captured by eyewitness video shared across Indian social media.

In the clip, two dogs are seen standing outside a building unaware of the silent danger slowly approaching them from the murky floodwaters, while two men have already climbed a nearby street post, fleeing the impending, scaly danger.

The crocodile manages to swim right underneath one of the dogs before lunging and snapping with its jaws. The dog nonchalantly skips away, however, in a lucky escape as it seems the rather small crocodile bit off more than it could chew.

Floodwaters reached depths of four feet in some parts of Vadodara. The local airport has been shut down and a number of trains have been cancelled. Schools were also closed on Friday as a precautionary measure.

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