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13 Jul, 2019 10:22

‘Sad sight’, ‘disgrace’ to see French minister caught throwing lavish parties on taxpayer money

‘Sad sight’, ‘disgrace’ to see French minister caught throwing lavish parties on taxpayer money

A senior official in France finds himself embroiled in controversy after claims he used public funds to throw lavish parties with vintage wine and exquisite meals. His attitude leaves a stain on French politics, analysts told RT.

Ecology Minister Francois de Rugy often campaigns for government transparency and has criticized other politicians involved in financial scandals. He got a taste of his own medicine earlier this week when investigative website Mediapart alleged that he hosted more than 10 luxurious dinner parties in which the guests enjoyed lobster, as well as fine wine and champagne – all paid for with taxpayer money. This reportedly took place when de Rugy was the head of the lower house of the French parliament, the National Assembly.

The scandal prompted calls for de Rugy to resign, which he refused to do. He dismissed the story as a “grotesque” smear, claiming he does not eat lobster due to a “shellfish allergy” and avoids champagne because it gives him “a headache.”

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Local lawmaker Nicolas Dainville told RT France that the minister’s attitude is “a disgrace for all these politicians [in the current government], and it widens the gulf between them and the citizens.”

Journalist and co-founder of the publication Le Monde Moderne Alexis Poulin called de Rugy “a lobster, concealing a pack of sharks,” adding that the story is a “sad sight that we should not see in France.”

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